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the_boardwalkx's Journal

The Boardwalk
Myrtle Beach
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A Celebrity Role Playing Community based around the boardwalk and beach community in Myrtle Beach SC


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Welcome to Myrtle Beach on The Boardwalk. Here you will
find an oasis of tranquility, relaxation, and fun. With 60 miles of sandy beaches, endless shopping, wonderful dining, many clubs and bars and a very active nightlife.
This is a slash friendly community however we do welcome and encourage heterosexual relationships.
Characters will live and work in the city where ever and however they chose. There is no real storyline just create it as you go. Use your imagination and create the life you want for your character.


  • You can roleplay any famous including band members, band managers, actors, actress', models etc. You can be an original character as long as you have pictures of what they look like.
  • Please make your character 18 + this place has a great nightlife and we want them to be able to party and enjoy it

  • You must post an application using your characters livejournal in the appropriate post. Please use the application below.

The Application:

Your name and livejournal:
Your character's name, where we know them from and journal:
Your character's aim s/n:
Your character's my space (optional):
Your character's sex and age:
Your character's sexual orientation (optional):
A Picture of your Character:

  • Please after doing this make sure you become an official member of the community by clicking join community at the top of the page
  • No death of a character permitted

  • If you need or want to quit playing a character be nice and make them move away. Please let a moderator know that you are leaving so we can open that character up to someone else
  • No OOC (out of character) drama. Please everyone be mature and respectful so everyone can have fun. Focus on your drama IC (in character) instead to keep it interesting.

  • Male pregnancy is allowed

  • Marriage and Divorce is allowed
  • Polyamorous relationships are allowed if that truly makes you happy
  • Incest is allowed
  • Pretty much anything goes in less it causes too much of a controversy
  • Please let a moderator know if you will be gone for a long period of time. If you go more then 2 weeks without posting we will be forced to pull you character. Although we understand things happen, we would like to keep an active communityRoleplays take place on AIM please make an AIM screen name for your character. Please try to be on AIM as often as possible. Please try to have some part of your characters name in the AIM screen name you choose for them
  • A Myspace for your character would be nice and is definitely encouraged but not required. Please notate somewhere on your characters myspace that it is not real and that it is for Role Play only
  • Please also notate your characters live journal appropriately to let people know that it is also for Role Playing only
  • Role playing in any form is allowed
  • No more than 4 characters per person please
  • Please be literate and do not use net speak (EX: Instead of 2 spell out too or instead of U spell out You) do not use lol or smiley's ect. when your character is in person with another person. When your character is talking on AIM with another character this is acceptable however.

  • Please somehow separate actions from dialogue (EX: I walk over to you and smile "Hello" ) if you need help please let someone know
  • Please remember moderators are your friends. We are here to help you if you need anything. We just want this to be fun for everyone.



AIM: xKandyXKitchingx
Myspace: www.myspace.com/daisyrain77
Email: xbabyxxfireflyx@yahoo.com



AIM: xsoxxcontagiousx
Email: dreamin_in_pink@earthlink.net


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